AC Propulsion, Dongfeng, Luxgen: exactly what the electric car needs. Will it get it?


First, a warning: this article isn’t just about facts, it’s wild speculation. But when I see pieces of a puzzle starting to make sense, I make a pause and I try to evaluate if the whole thing could turn into something real.

The first fact is that AC Propulsion, a world leading company in the development of EVs has partnered with Yulon Motor Co. It’s a company from Taiwan that manufactures gasoline SUV and MPV under the brand name of Luxgen. With the help of AC Propulsion, it made electric versions of both vehicles. They’ve been seen and driven in various events in Taiwan, but they’re not available yet. The second fact was the announcement last year of a joint venture between Luxgen and Dongfeng, China’s second largest auto manufacturer. It built more than 2.7 million cars last year, and it’s planning to build 10,000 cars per month with Luxgen.

A third fact is that Luxgen is about to launch a new model, the Neora sedan (drawing above, video below). It will start with a gas engine, a 170-hp 2-liter, but the electric version is already in the works (watch the video), and it will use AC Propulsion technology again.

Note: this video is only 2’15” long, it repeats itself after that.

The speculation, now: what do you get when you mix great EV technology from AC Propulsion, Taiwanese people who believe in EV, and cheap China mainland manufacturing? I hope to find out something big when the Luxgen Neora EV is unveiled at the Shanghai motor show.