Unveiled in Shanghai, the Citroen DS5 starts as a diesel-hybrid


Citroen-DS5The idea behind the DS line is getting better with each new model. Regular Citroen models are the C3, the C4, the C5, they are made to appeal to mainstream buyers, whereas the DS3, DS4 and now this DS5 have to please more sophisticated customers. People who don’t mind paying more providing they get something special and upmarket. Look at the twin A-pillars on this DS5. Have you ever seen anything like this? Volkswagen’s doing a bit of the same thing with its Passat sedan, and Passat CC model. The CC is upmarket because it’s lower, longer: sleeker. Citroen doesn’t follow that route. Compared to the regular C5 sedan, this DS5 is shorter and taller. It’s not sleeker, it’s condensed.

Citroen-DS5Launched in Shanghai, the DS5 has a diesel-hybrid drivetrain. The famous Hybrid4 set-up, as found in the Peugeot 3008. Or is it? I’ve been hearing about it for long, and I’ve seen many prototypes and concepts, but the Hybrid4 drivetrain has been delayed one more time. First deliveries should begin in September on the Peugeot 3008. The Citroen DS5 should arrive on the French market the following month, so there’s a good chance the Hybrid4 will be available right from the start. It should get 60-mpg, thanks to its 163-hp 2-liter turbo-diesel driving the front wheels teamed with 2 small electric motors delivering 37-hp to the rear wheels.


I know I’ll be invited to test drive the hybrid DS5 when it will be on the market, I can’t say how well it will drive in advance, but looking at those pictures, I’m sure I’ll have a great time. The only sad news being that this beautiful car, like all Citroens, won’t be sold in America.

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