Could Peugeot race a diesel-hybrid at Le Mans to fight Toyota and Audi?

Peugeot 908 HDI Hybrid4We learned only a few days ago that Toyota would compete in next year’s 24 Hours race of Le Mans with an hybrid car. That was great news but we shall not forget that Peugeot was there first. The French team has been working on its hybrid race car for several years. The 908 HY was unveiled at the Paris motor show in 2008. It has never been raced, but it made several appearances in motor shows and even went through a few private track sessions. The first public test was last week, we guess Peugeot chose to make it known after Toyota’s announcement.

Peugeot 908 HDI Hybrid4The 908 Hybrid4 has a diesel HDI like the one that raced last June in Le Mans, only fitted with some hybrid technology. The concept from 2008 had a KERS but we don’t know anything about the car that raced last week. More than the tech, it’s what Peugeot will do with it that matters. Will it be raced against Audi next year? We just don’t know, nor do we know if Audi will be back to Le Mans in 2012. Only Toyota declared itself so far.

We hope Peugeot will race its diesel hybrid car against the Toyota gasoline hybrid, because that would bring a new level of excitement around the famous round-the-clock race.

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