A better Honda Insight hybrid will show up in Frankfurt, CO2 emissions 5% lower

Honda-InsightSome say the Honda Insight has been overshadowed by the Prius, but the Insight has always been substantially cheaper. It’s also lighter, and it feels more like a normal car on the road. Of course, it’s not very powerful, but somehow, an enthusiast can appreciate driving an Insight at moderate speeds on a narrow road. It should become even more enjoyable soon, as Honda will unveil a slightly better Insight next week, in Frankfurt.

The frond end has been freshened, and so does the rear with a new tail gate garnish, and a smaller wiper motor for increased visibility. The interior also gets a few changes to make it more luxurious, while changes under the hood will make the Insight even greener.

Engine friction has been reduced, the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) has been upgraded, the air conditioning system also, has been worked on to make it more efficient. The results are CO2 emissions 5% lower according to official European test data. We don’t expect much of a price change, so the Insight will be an even better deal for economy-minded buyers, as well as greenies.