The Gran Coupe concept, the return of the classic BMW

BMW Concept Gran Coupe

BMW Concept Gran CoupeWhat’s a BMW? To most people, BMWs is a leading manufacturer of sports sedans. But have you been to a BMW dealer recently? Several sedans are there, but there’s also wagons. And SUVs, with the X5, the X3, the X6 and soon the X1. Next year, there shall be another model that is a kind of a mix between a wagon and a SUV, BMW has named it the 5 Gran Turismo. Shall we say Auf wiedersehen to the classic sports sedan that made BMW famous? Certainly not. A new 5-series is about to be launched, and here comes the concept of a even sportier 4-door model: the Concept Gran Coupé.

BMW Concept Gran CoupeLow, long and wide. Cadillacs used to be that way. Minivans and SUV changed all that, but Mercedes went back to the classical proportions with the CLS, and was very successful doing so. Volkswagen followed with the CC version of its Passat, and Audi is about to launch an A7 with the same recipe. The BMW Conbcept Gran Coupé is between the 5 and 7 series in term of size, bar the height which is lower.

This classic proportions will please car lovers, but ecologists shall also rejoice, because a lower height means a reduced frontal area, and better aerodynamics. Forget minivans and SUV, sports sedans are greener!