Unneeded energy use at its worst in the Maybach

Maybach limousine

Maybach limousineIf you belong to the lucky few who can afford a Maybach, you know it is one of the finest automobile money can buy. Its build quality is awesome, as its performance, confort and equipement. Our pictures are worth a thousand words, they’re showing the Maybach 62, the one with the longest wheelbase. Its rear seats are a pretty marvelous place to travel, and people being driven in Maybach are clearly a happy bunch. So happy, so surrounded by luxury, that they may wish to hide all that luxury from lesser drivers.

Maybach limousineTo this end, a Maybach limousine can be ordered with a partition, an opaque partition which totally blocks the view. To give the rear passengers even more privacy, electric curtains can close all back windows at a touch of a button. But a problem arises as the rear passengers might sometimes wonder where they are, and where they’re going. There’s a solution in the form of a small camera with a CCTV system that can retransmit live (!) what’s going on in front of the car on one of the 3 screens available. How cool! You don’t look trough the windshield anymore, you switch on the TV!

With electric toothbrushs, electric can openers and tumble dryers (some people might not know clothes can dry by themselves), we guess this is one of the silliest way to use energy, where most people don’t use any.