Ferrari’s leading engine technology, and shows the internal combustion engine can get better


Ferrari-458-SpecialeLet’s put it clearly, this car is not green. It’s bright red, but it’s still worthy of interest for green-minded people because it pushes engine’s technology to new heights. The Ferrari 458 Speciale has a 4.5-liter V8 which makes 605-hp. Without any addition of a forced induction device, it works at atmospheric pressure, and puts out an incredible 135-hp per liter. That would be high for a turbocharged engine, and it’s simply unheard of for an atmospheric engine in a road car.

This very high power has been achieved with high revs, and the Ferrari V8 makes its maximum power at 9000 RPM, with the rev limiter’s even higher. Of course, fuel economy will not be a big concern for those happy few who will buy this car, but this development shows the old internal combustion engine (ICE) is far from dead. It can still get better!