Mercedes S63 AMG, the first limousine with a lithium ion battery

Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMGEverybody knows how good lithium ion batteries are. All electric cars have one, many hybrids too, because lithium cells have better energy density. They are lighter and more compact than NiMH cells, and their advantage is even greater compared to lead-acid batteries that are still the norm in conventional automobiles. Porsche was the first to launch a production car with lithium ion battery. It was the 911 GT3 RS in 2009, and Mercedes recently followed with its SLS AMG Black Series. Admittedly, both models are very limited production models, but this is changing.

The new S63 AMG, a high performance super luxury sedan, a limousine, will come standard with a lithium ion battery. With four wheel drive and a 585-hp twin-turbo V8, this large car comes with about every equipment one can imagine, and yet its dry weight is below two tons. The lithium ion battery helped reduce the weight by 45 pounds! We bet many other gas cars will get a lithium ion battery soon.