Deployment of Skoda electric cars goes according to plan

Skoda-Octavia-electricWe learned last month that a first Skoda electric car went to a carefully selected customer, it’s now the turn of the largest power company in the Czech republic. CEZ manages 2 nuclear power plants, 15 coal power stations, 13 solar power plants, 2 wind farms, and 34 hydroelectric power plants. CEZ produces energy throughout Eastern Europe, from Poland to Bulgaria.

It will get 2 (!) EVs from Skoda, both Octavia Green-e-Line station wagons. It could and should get many more. The company will use them in Praha, where the 150 km range (93 miles) will be more than enough. CEZ has also said it will install public charging stations in Mlada Boleslav, close to the Skoda factory, but Skoda hasn’t announced any plans to increase the very small number of EVs it will put on the road. Nor is there any plan to make an electric Skoda available to the general public, in the Czech republic or elsewhere.