The first electric Skoda that goes to a family, an Octavia Green-e-Line


The electric Skoda Octavia was unveiled as a concept at the Paris motor show, in September 2010. Czech carmaker Skoda said then that it planned to build 10 of them for testing purposes. The car is technically similar to the electric Golf (like the gas and diesel Octavia are to the regular Golf), with a 85-kW motor and a 26.5_kWh battery pack. Here’s the first one going to an individual.

Chosen among Skoda’s workers, Libor Kužel will drive the electric Skoda Green-e-Line for family duties. He should keep the car up to the end of the year. Nobody knows what happens next. A new generation of Octavia shall appear in late 2013 or early 2014, but there’s no word about a possible production electric version.

Happily for EV fans, Skoda has green-lighted the electric Citigo. It should be available in selected European countries in 2013.