The electric Abarth ScorpION concept from IED

IED-Abarth-ScorpionIED stands for Istituto Europeo di Design or European Institute of Design. A university in Turin, they are at motor show in Geneva every year, exhibiting a car designed by the students. They are not engineers, so their cars are not running, only design exercises but they sure do look great. Since last year, when they’ve shown a Tesla prototype, they’ve been working on electrics. They made an Abarth this year. It’s the first electric Abarth! You may think the propulsion doesn’t matter as the car is not a runner, but it does because the students had to work on the architecture.

IED-Abarth-ScorpionThe car must be real. I mean it must look real at least. The interior should be able to fit people, and the packaging should be able to accommodate a motor, its controller, battery, and everything that a real car must have. The result is called the ScorpION as Abarth used that venomous animal in its logo, and it has 4 in-wheel motors. With faired-in rear wheels, the students added air intakes to cool the motors. With small side windows but a windshield going very high into the roof, it has a lot personality.

Discover more of this electric Abarth ScorpION from IED in the video below.