Tesla model S, the first one available will be the slowest, but it will go far


Development of the Tesla model S is going as it should. The picture above is showing the body in white that’s on show in Geneva, deliveries should start in mid-2012 for North America. Reading the company’s blog, some new details were announced concerning the availability of the car with its different battery options. Because there will be a choice of 3-battery packs for the model S.

One giving a 160-mile range, with a larger pack allowing 230 miles, and finally a king-size battery pack giving an unprecedented 300-mile range. Only this latest pack will be available at launch. That is not really a surprise, as it will be the most expensive. It’s logical when you launch a new model that only the most expensive versions are available first, with the cheaper ones coming later. This extra 70-miles shall require an extra $10.000 with the cheapest model S starting at $57.400 and the 300-mile version requiring $77.400.

But price isn’t the only difference. I expect the largest battery to be at the very least 400 pounds heavier. This won’t be without an effect on performance. You may expect a trade-off between range and acceleration times… How much? It’s hard to figure. We’ll have to wait for company data…