The Think City, an all-American electric car that is available to all

Think City electric car

More than 2500 Think electric cars have been made already, a few of them in Indiana, where Governor Mitch Daniels took delivery of 15 vehicles. They will be used principally by the Department of Natural Resources in the state’s park system. What I like about this picture, is that it’s snowy there. I’m getting tired of seeing pictures of electrics in sunny California. Winter is very harsh in many places right now, and it’s important to show that electric cars can cope with cold weather.

The Think got CARB approval last week. That was a critical point for a car that will sell mostly to fleets, since besides California, 12 states and the District of Columbia have adopted California’s ZEV requirements. The Think also has a strong advantage, something that it doesn’t share with any other electric car readily available to anyone, it’s made in America. The car as well as its lithium-ion batteries from Ener1.


The Tesla Model S, the Nissan Leaf, will be made in the US, but they are not at this time…