The Lincoln MKZ hybrid, where volume counts

You can already buy an hybrid from Ford. There’s the Fusion, and if you want more luxury, there’s also the Mercury Milan. And that was it. But now, if you want even more luxury, there’s a third choice with the Lincoln MKZ. A different brand, a different name, and definitely distinct sheetmetal, but very much the same car underneath. The Lincoln MKZ has been introduced at the New York motorshow, discover it in the video below.

Besides a sharper body, the Lincoln will differ itself from its less-expensive brethren with a richer equipment, but in our eyes, the most important point about this MKZ hybrid is that it will allow Ford to build more hybrids components. We believed in hybrids before Toyota brought the Prius to market, and we knew the most difficult would not be to build hybrid cars, but to make money doing so. The Prius has been sold at a loss for several years before being profitable… This is where a third model is handy to Ford. The more models with which you can share components, the cheaper those components will get.

We expect a baseprice below $40,000 for the MKZ hybrid, but we expect more for the manufacturer, with economies of scale that will allow the company to become more confident with hybrids, because they sell, because they’re profitable. That is all for the better!