Denso launches the first 36,750 PSI diesel fuel injection system

Denso common rail direct diesel fuel injectionIt is sometimes necessary to take a pause to digest some news. 36,750 PSI! That is an absolutely incredible pressure, so strong that it is unearthly. Even in the deepest of the oceans, pressure never gets above 15,000 PSI, but many modern diesels run everyday at 30,000 PSI. Many thought we would not go much higher when the 2,000 bar threshold was reached (29,400 PSI), but we do. Denso, the Japanese giant auto supplier has just introduced a 2,500 bar fuel injection system (36,750 PSI).

This makes combustion more precise. According to Denso, the increased pressure reduces fuel consumption by 3%, and it gives even better benefits in cleaning emissions. Particulate matter are down by 50% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 8%. This helps a diesel meet stringent regulations without requiring an expensive exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

This 36,750 PSI diesel fuel injection system is now available to all manufacturers, with the only remaining question being who will be the first to buy it. Place your bets!