2013 Range Rover sees an incredible 926 pounds weight reduction

2013 Range Rover

2013 Range Rover interiorThose who said big SUVs like the Range Rover were porky, were right. The new Range Rover is the perfect proof of that. A new Range is a rare event though. The present model was introduced more than 10 years ago. That gave engineers plenty of time to develop the new generation, and they used it to work on weight reduction with quite astounding results. How about loosing 926 pounds? Land Rover engineers should consider writing a book about automotive dieting, it would be a best-seller. Though, most of the reduction comes from the use of aluminium instead of steel for the unibody structure.

Many other parts are built using the lighter metal, like the front and rear subframe, but mass shall remain over 5000 pounds. Another good point towards better fuel economy is the replacement of the 6-speed auto transmission with an 8-speed. It should be the only transmission available, but there will be a choice of 3 motors in Europe. Best is the supercharged 5-liter V8, good for over 500 horses, but people concerned about economy or simply less fortunate, will go for the diesel, with a choice of a V8 or a V6. Wr may expect of the latter more than 250 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, with better than 25 mpg in everyday use. Most Europeans will satisfied with those numbers, providing they can afford the beast.

That is the bad thing about it, the Range Rover will be cheaper to run, but it won’t get any cheaper to buy. Actually, it should be even more expensive with the arrival of a longer wheelbase model, and more luxury with an even more opulent interior. But how about a hybrid powertrain? The new Range Rover is assuredly greener, but it’s still far from being a leader in green tech.

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