The electric car is seeing some sales volume in France

Renault-Kangoo-electricThe French president once famously said that as a leader in nuclear energy, France should also become a leader in electric cars. Most French acknowledge the first fact without being proud of it, but many people would appreciate the second idea. Even if very few individuals actually buy EVs. Electric cars are still significantly more expensive than gasoline models. So most sales are to companies who want to act green, but large companies buy many cars. Renault said 2 weeks ago it sold 15,000 Kangoo (right picture) Z.E. (Zero Emission) to some of the largest companies (including the postal service) in the country.

Peugeot-Ion electricNow this is Peugeot’s turn. The manufacturer announced it sold 3,000 Ions (a sister model to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, left picture) to the same group of companies which ordered the electric Kangoos earlier. This is diplomacy. Those companies don’t want to be known as having Renault as their sole supplier, and displease the other big French manufacturer… Peugeot also said it will sell 350 EVs to the local government of the Hauts de Seine. The little Mia Electric also convinced a couple companies, so that thousands of electric cars will soon be driving on French roads. This should entice some individuals to get one someday…

One thought on “The electric car is seeing some sales volume in France

  1. RaymarkSen

    The electric cars has been awaiting to come to many countries. The France is also enjoying the drives of electric cars. This cars are so pleasant and much important to our Eco system as they are Eco friendly. I appreciate the initiative taken to bring down the car level in atmosphere.