One hydrogen station and 10 Mercedes fuel cell cars get rolling in Norway

Hydrogen fill-up in Oslo
Mercedes-F-CellEverybody has heard about hydrogen cars but very few people know the actual price of hydrogen. Here’s an example from Norway. 8.96 Norwegian Krone per kilogram. That’s $.70 a pound. Filling-up required 6.76-kg (14.90-lbs) costing 60.57 Norwegian Kroner making $10.50 and that is enough fuel to drive 240 miles. That sounds great, and even more so considering this is zero emission driving with 100% clean hydrogen. Though this may not be reproduced everywhere. Norway has facilities for producing green hydrogen that few other countries have.

This explains Scandinavia’s activism towards hydrogen with the opening of Oslo’s first hydrogen station by the city mayor, Fabian Stang. 10 cars will refill there, all Mercedes F-Cell built on the old-generation B-class. This is part of the H2 moves Scandinavia project which aims to gain wide customer acceptance for hydrogen as an automotive fuel in Northern Europe. So far, it’s a success.