The Infiniti M35h is not the world’s fastest accelerating hybrid


Infiniti M35h on Santa Pod dragstripInfiniti published a press release telling us that its M35h hybrid sports sedan is the fastest accelerating hybrid car in the world. Really? To back up this claim, one M35h had been tested at Santa Pod’s dragstrip, in the UK, where it covered the quarter mile in 13.9031 seconds. That time was the average of several runs, with the fastest one even better, at 13.8960 seconds.

That sounds quite impressive, but if you take a few minutes to look at what other cars can do, you’ll quickly find that a BMW X6 hybrid is even faster. It did the quarter in 13.6 seconds when tested by Edmunds, and 13.8 when driven by Car and driver.

Let’s add that an Infiniti M35h tops out at 155-mph when a Porsche Panamera hybrid can reach 167-mph, and everybody will conclude that the Japanese car isn’t the world’s fastest hybrid in any way. But the strangest thing about this is that Infiniti dares to make such bold claims without taking a few minutes looking for facts to prove their validity.