In the plug-in race, Fisker will be N°2 in the US, but N°1 in Europe

Fisker Karma at the factory

The Fisker Karma should have been the first plug-in hybrid car on the market, but production delays gave this place to the Chevrolet Volt. That’s in the U.S. but not in Europe as the plug-in car from General Motors won’t be available here before the end of the year. The Fisker Karma should be available from this summer. I’m happy to report production started last week in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

3 models are available, and here are the prices in Germany. Eco Standard is 85,500 euros, Eco Sport is 93,500 euros and Eco Chic is 98 900 euros. That last one having a stunning 3-color interior.


The Fisker Karma can drive up to 50-miles on electric power with a 20-kWh battery, a turbocharged 4-cylinder starts automatically after this. Since the Karma is a serial hybrid, the gasoline engine never sends its power directly to the wheels. So it’s an electric car without any range limitation. And what else to say, that there couldn’t be a more beautiful car to start the plug-in hybrid revolution than the Fisker Karma!