Gordon Murray talks about his revolutionary T25

Fifth Gear, the British TV show, made an interview of Gordon Murray, the inspired inventor of the T25 city-car. He talks about where he got the idea to make such a small car, which is very different from anything he has done before, giving data like that 85% of journeys in the UK are single occupancy. So who needs a big car?

When asked about the most important feature of the T25, Gordon Murray says that it’s its patented manufacturing process, called “iStream”. Sadly he doesn’t give much details about it, save that it allows the factory that will produce the car to be much smaller than any other production facility of the same capacity. Also, it will require only a fraction of the energy usually needed.

We hope the T25 will find the financial partners it needs to get rolling, Gordon Murray says he’s talking with several parties. We cross our fingers…