More than 6000 miles in an electric car

Citroën Berlingo « Powered by Venturi »

And the trip is not over yet. It’s Shanghai to Paris. About 9000 miles, by car, driving through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and all over Europe to Paris. That would be a serious summer vacation, but it was far from a vacation driving on the deserted roads of central Asia. The trip was mostly unplanned, with the team, a driver (Xavier) and a co-pilot (Géraldine), who are also partners in life, counting only on themselves to find a plug each night. Not always an easy task in Kazakhstan as everybody can imagine.

partners in life

Deserted roads without any kind of assistance, Géraldine and Xavier had to trust their car. Extra batteries were installed to the regular electric Citroen Berlingo, giving them a range of 220/250 miles. That would be excellent in any developed country, it was a minimum for that kind of trip. Even if actually, the road conditions were sometimes so poor, much less than that was covered in a day. Of course, the car had been outfitted with stronger shocks and off-road tires.

The electric Citroen Berlingo is a special model that has been developed by Venturi, the manufacturer of electric sports car, for the french postal service. Starting late summer, it will also be sold to the general public at Citroen dealers. Back to Geraldine and Xavier, they shall arrive in Paris in mid-July. You can get more information here.