To all Prius drivers: drive as fast as you want!

Dump your Porsche! Dump your Ferrari! If you really want to drive fast on public roads, what you’ve got to drive is a Toyota Prius. In a Prius, you can get forget all speed limits. If you get caught by the police, just tell them your accelerator got stuck! It wasn’t me, officer. I swear!

Toyota Prius 3

I see things getting worse and worse everyday (ABC News Report about an accident in NYC), and I have the feeling that the more we talk about it, the more people believe in it, with more and more accidents that would not have happened if no media had reported the very isolated accidents of last year. How things can change in so little time! Prius drivers were a very satisfied bunch of people last year, but I see more and more of them turning into heavies hungry for cash, and suing Toyota with the most rapacious lawyer they can find.

It’s a crazy world, that gives too much power and visibility to the clumsy and to the unlucky. Is there any data somewhere showing that Toyota cars are more dangerous than those from other manufacturers? I don’t think so…