car2go, the world’s leading car-sharing service now in Rome

Smart car from car2go sharing service in Roma

After Milan, Rome is the second Italian city to get car2go, the world’s largest car-sharing service. It began with 300 cars, but it will grow to 500 next month. The car2go service is already well known, but it will have another important asset in the capital of Italy, since most of its downtown area is a restricted area. A ZTL as they say in Italian, which stands for Zone a Traffico Limitato (residents only can drive inside). All car2go cars will get the most desirable windshield sticker which will enable them to drive in the ZTL. Just because of this, car2go in Roma should be more successful than elsewhere.

As an example, car2go has been operating for more than three years in Hamburg, with 700 cars and 70,000 regular customers. This number is still rising, especially with young people. 40% of the customers are between 26 and 35.