The Applus+ Idiada, the best and fastest at EVS27, and Spanish too

Applus Idiada concept at EVS27

The EVS27 (Electric Vehicle Symposium, 27th edition) took place this week in Barcelona. Next to the dozens of conferences, there was an exhibition, and all visitors had to agree that the most incredible car there was the Appius Idiada. Sadly, it wasn’t a production model. This is a one-off electric supercar prototype. It’s not a show car though, it’s a runner, and an incredible one as it has clocked going from to 0 to 62-mph in less than 3.5 seconds. With 1000-hp and 737-lb-ft of torque and 15 minutes recharging time, this is an EV which can scare most gas cars!

It was built to showcase what an electric car can do, and how talented Spanish engineers are. Applus+ Idiada provides design, engineering, testing and homologation services to most car manufacturers worldwide. It wasn’t known for its competences in electric propulsion, now it is.