High performance Volkswagen XL1 comes with a Ducati engine

Volkswagen XL Sport

We’ve said it first! We wrote last week that Volkswagen was working on a high performance version of its XL1 eco-marvel plug-in hybrid, and we’ve just had the proof that it’s real. It comes from no less than Dr Ferdinand Piëch, the very big boss of Volkswagen. Dr Piëch was giving a conference at Wien’s technical university, and he talked about an XL1 which would have its plug-in hybrid drivetrain removed. A new propulsion system would replace it, one which would not be green, but red-hot.

It’s a huge surprise because this fast XL Sport concept doesn’t get a car engine, it’s a motorbike engine, from the Ducati Panigale superbike. How about a 1.2-liter V-twin delivering 190-hp at 10,750 rpm? Does 91 lb-ft of torque at 9,000 rpm sound right? These are exceptional values, never seen before in the automotive world. Most engineers would say such a high-revving engine would not work in a car, which is much heavier than a bike, but this XL Sport concept should be lighter the already super light standard XL1. If one car can fly, this is the one! Nobody shall get too excited, though. This car has not been green-lighted for production, yet. A running prototype will be built and tested, and that’s it for now. Still, the potential is there, and it’s huge. Don’t laugh, but Lamborghini drivers shall be scared…

Source: autorevue.at.