Delhaize supermarkets in Belgium better for electric cars than Leclerc in France

Delhaize EV charging station in BelgiumLeclerc is one the largest hypermarket chain in France, and it’s also a strong supporter of electric mobility. The group has already installed many charging stations on its premises, but most are slow chargers. Basic 3.6 kW charging or 22 kW at best. The Delhaize group has chosen to do better, and it will easier since it’s a much smaller group, established in a smaller country. When the French retailer plans to equip hundreds of stores, the Belgian one will only install EV chargers at 12 hypermarkets. But those will be the best chargers on the market. Dual-chargers from DBT. They are AC/DC to deliver AC 43 kW charging for Renault electrics and DC 50 kW with Chademo connector for Japanese EVs.

For those who understand the language, have a look at the French video below.