The electric Nissan Leaf is now built in the UK


Nissan-Leaf-UKIf the world needed another proof that Nissan is a strong believer in electric mobility, this is it. The Nissan Leaf is already built in Japan and in the U.S. but that was not enough for Nissan, which just started building the car in Sunderland, in the U.K. This is the first time a manufacturer chooses to build a car in 3 different continents, all by himself, without any market or political pressure. Not far from the Leaf, we have the example of the Toyota Prius, with all models sold in Europe or America coming from Japan, and Toyota has no plan to change that, despite much higher sales volumes. At the very least, that makes Nissan the uncontested king of electric mobility, even more so now that there are more than 55,000 Leaf driving all over the world.

The Nissan Leaf built in the U.K. is a significantly improved version, with range improved by 14% (manufacturer’s claim), and charging time reduced by half. First deliveries are expected this June.