50,000 euros for a talented electrochemist looking for a better battery

Volkswagen-BASFMore and more people believe in electric cars, but everybody has to recognize their battery remains a weak point. The upcoming Tesla model S shall get a 300 miles range, but it will come with a 1500 pounds battery. Hardly exciting stuff. There is a strong and urgent need for a better technology, and all car manufacturers are looking into it. Volkswagen, as the second largest carmaker last year, has put a lot of effort into it, but more is still needed. To that end, Volkswagen has joined forces with BASF, the chemical company. Together, VW and BASF will be looking for better cells, lighter, more durable, and with a better energy density. Many others are working on the same subject, in other labs or even university students. If you are one of them, read further, this should interest you.

Volkswagen and BASF wish to fund excellent scientific research in electrochemistry in the faculties of chemistry, physics and engineering, as well as its applications. The best work will get a prize money of 50,000 euros. So it’s worth having a closer look. Apply online.