The last frontier: Venturi will bring an electric car to Africa

Venturi-Mission-AfricaErnest Hemingway had a lucky experience. He saw a very snowy Kilimanjaro. About 80% of the snow which was there barely 100 years ago is now gone. Disappeared. Nobody exactly knows why. Many think about global warming but the problem is more complex. There are several factors at play there, Venturi will help put them under the spotlight. The small EV manufacturer from Monaco (though the factory is in France) will organize a raid, from the Kilimanjaro to the Okavango Delta, about 3,000 miles South.

The driver will once again be Xavier Chevrin, the same guy who famously drove from Shanghai to Paris 2 years ago. This remains the longest trip ever made in an electric car, and that was without any stops precisely scheduled. The success of the trip is entirely in Xavier’s hands, and its abilities to arrive in a city where he’s never been before, with people speaking a language he doesn’t understand, and to manage to find a place to plug.

The Citroen Berlingo converted to electric propulsion by Venturi has a 70.5 kWh battery pack. There’s no doubt Xavier will have a lot of fun looking for a 380V outlet in Tanzania…

More info about the Mission Africa on the official website.

Gildo Pastor Pallanca, the CEO of Venturi Automobiles, explains the project to Prince Albert II of Monaco.