Too flashy yet fun, the electric Suzuki Q-Concept

Suzuki-Q-conceptThe Tokyo motor show is known for its weird concepts, and the 2011 edition, which opens in 3 weeks, certainly won’t disappoint. This is the Q-Concept from Suzuki. It’s a 100 inches long electric 2-seater. Compared to a Renault Twizy, its most obvious competitor, the Q-Concept is only slightly larger, but much more bling-bling, with large LED lights, fully-faired wheels, and first of all, bright colors.

Suzuki-Q-conceptIngress/egress should be very easy, but opening the door is not. Fortunately, an electric motor will help. The door opens pretty much like on a Lamborghini, but when the door only swings up about 60° on the Italian car, it’s more like 135° on the Q-Concept. Also, the rear upper window moves rearward to free up space to make it easy for the passenger to get in the back. It will be even easier for the driver with a swiveling seat, though we wonder about the cubic dashboard, which may impede leg room.

The Suzuki-Q concept is obviously nothing more than a toy for attracting attention, but with its bright design and many neat details, it should bring some fun on the Suzuki stand in Tokyo.

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