The Volkswagen Passat TSI gets E85 compliant in some markets

volkswagen-passat-2011European and American Passats are totally different cars nowadays, with distinct bodies and engines, but there’s a new engine for some Northern European countries that a few Americans could probably enjoy. It’s a very small unit, making only 1.4-liter of displacement, but it’s got VW’s remarkable Twincharger technology, which adds a supercharger to a turbocharger. It allows that small engine to produce a stout 160-hp. Just enough for a family sedan.

But what sets this Passat apart is that its TSI engine has been modified to accept ethanol, E85 more precisely. Running on that fuel, the Passat sedan gets 27-mpg on the European official tests. Considering the lower energy density of E85, it’s a pretty impressive number for a family sedan of this size.

Sadly, this car won’t be available everywhere. Right now, only Swedes and Norwegians can expect it, as these countries have been doing a lot to promote the green fuel, but Volkswagen may bring this engine to other markets if there’s a demand…