An electric Aston Martin is on the way, but it won’t be a sports car

Aston-Martin-CygnetAston Martin launched its smallest model ever a few months ago, that was the Cygnet. Not a true Aston Martin, the Cygnet is based on the Toyota Iq. Yet it’s totally redone, and much better than what it was when it had the Toyota badge. Of course, when the 2 cars are next to each other, you see they share a lot of things, but when the Aston Martin Cygnet is alone, it truly stands out, with its own personality. Its interior is particularly nice, but Aston Martin doesn’t change anything on the mechanical side. The powertrain is stock Toyota (a 1.3-liter inline four making 98-hp), and I guess it’s fine that way, that engine is smooth.

But Toyota is working on an electric drivetrain for its Iq. It should be available sometimes next year. Aston Martin has confirmed it wants it too. So we might get ready for an electric Cygnet, which shall come a couple months after the Toyota is launched. But don’t expect an electric motor in a real Aston Martin anytime soon.

The famous British manufacturer explains that its the joy of driving coming from its large displacement atmospheric engines would be difficult to emulate with a electric motor. I can only agree. An electric Aston Martin sports car would be hugely different from what the customers are used, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be as nice. Maybe in 10 years…

One thought on “An electric Aston Martin is on the way, but it won’t be a sports car

  1. merc-train

    The Cygnet isn’t a Aston Martin, it would be even less so with an electric motor.