The Magna Mila, sexy light engineering for the future with natural gas a fuel

Magna-MilaThis is another car that was introduced at the motor show in Geneva, but it’s not a runner, and it doesn’t come from a car manufacturer. It comes from Magna, the huge auto supplier. This company is manufacturing about all kind car parts, it even makes complete cars on a contract basis. This Mila concept showcases its talent in lightweight technology. It’s a small car, about the same size as a Honda CR-Z, but thanks to super efficient design and the choice of the lightest materials, it’s an incredible 40% lighter than the Honda. Though you may note that the CR-Z is an hybrid, and that adds a lot of weight.

Magna-MilaWhat makes the Magna Mila so incredibly light is the extensive use of… Plastics. Polymers to be more precise. Use of metal has been reduced everywhere, the complete car weighs only 700-kg (1543-lbs). Magna says it fulfills all safety regulations, and that this Mila would be perform fine in any crash test. Engine is a small, light and compact 2-cylinder running on compressed natural gas (CNG), which used to be a problem when you were looking for lightness. Because CNG tanks must withstand a lot of pressure, requiring heavy steel. Not anymore, as Magna has designed a CNG tank made of polymers. That is a big thing! I hope to see one in a production car soon.