Ford’s bright idea to show off its electric Focus in Geneva

Ford Focus electric on rollers in Geneva

Am I drunk? I wondered while visiting the Ford stand in the Geneva motor show, looking at a white Focus. Because cars are usually static on a motor show. And that car was, but it looked like its wheels were turning? I got closer to find out what was going on, and I had the great relief to discover that my eyes hadn’t fooled me.

There was a trick, the car was on rollers. Actually, I had thought about it already. Since electric cars don’t make any pollution, what better way to prove it than to show functioning live? All car manufacturers making electrics should have thought of that, but only Ford made it real.

Ford Focus electric on rollers in Geneva

I tried it, anyone can. It’s free to any visitor, nobody didn’t even asked to see my driver’s license. I got on the driver’s seat, and I accelerated gently. I went up to 50-mph! It was a funny feeling, because the surroundings were fixed. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, but the rollers had been carefully weighted, so that a slight vibration made me clearly feel that something was going on.

They couldn’t have done that with a gas car…