Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, another diesel fuel miser for Europe

Seat-Ibiza-EcomotiveSeat’s a Spanish car manufacturer. It’s not a very well known brand, as it’s not truly international yet. You can buy a Seat in Europe, in Southern America, in the Middle-East, and that’s about it. Still, Seat makes some interesting cars, even if not fully original, as Seat belongs to the Volkswagen group. All Seats use Volkswagen platforms, with the Ibiza shown here using the Polo’s platform. It’s the smallest Seat. A hatchback, you can get it with 2 or 4-doors, a wagon’s also available.

Seat-Ibiza-EcomotiveThe Ecomotive label denotes the greenest version of the Ibiza, and it’s a diesel. A very small one, as its displacement is only of 1.2-liters. Power is modest: 75-hp, but torque is better 133-lbs/ft at a low 2000-rpm. Let’s be clear: this is not a sports car. With a Stop & Start system that turns off the engine every time the car is stopped, and an intelligent alternator that only takes engine’s power during decelerations, combined fuel economy is a stunning 69 mpg on the European cycle.

I know diesels are unpopular in America, but a 69-mpg rating could certainly attract consumers…