Lumeneo Neoma, a new electric runabout from France


The Lumeneo Smera is without any doubt the smallest car on the market: it’s only 40 inches wide. It’s the red car pictured above, labeled as a two-seater but it’s more like a 1+1, as only a child can fit in the back if the driver is more than 6 feet tall. It’s a pure electric vehicle, with 2 small motors in its rear wheels, and it’s advertised as a zippy, and fun commuter with the 0-to-62-mph acceleration requiring no more than 8 seconds.

Let me also add something that makes the Smera really unique: its body tilts like a motorbike. See it in the video below.

You can order a Lumeneo Smera today in France, with first deliveries expected before the end of the year. With small scale production, the Smera is expensive, nearly 30,000 euros (~$38,000 with 19.6% sales tax included). Lumeneo will introduce its second model at the Paris motor show at the end of this month, largely based on the Smera, it’s the Neoma (the right car on the top picture), with the main difference being that it’s wider, to accomodate 2 people in front, and 2 others in the back.


I have yet to see the car, but I guess it will more a 2+2 than a real four-seater, with unparalleled ease of use in the city, as this Lumeneo Neoma is smaller than a Smart. No technical data is given yet, we’ll have to wait for the motor show, but I’m sure that Lumeneo will be looking for economies of scale. So most of the powertrain shall come from the Smera, and I suppose that only the battery pack will get a bit larger.