With Alpmobil, discover the best of Switzerland in an electric

Think from Alpmobil

Think electric car from AlpmobilWhat a great idea! In summertime when the beaches are crowded, it’s much more relaxing to visit Switzerland. And when it comes to driving, there’s no better way to relax than in an electric car on a quiet country road with scenic surroundings. This is precisely what Alpmobil proposes. It’s a new venture from Migros, which is the Swiss Wal-Mart, to get into electric mobility. The retailer will soon open stores to sell the Think electric car, and electric scooters, but it will start by renting them.

The cars will be available in the Bernse Oberland (South-East of Bern), a fleet of 60 are available. See the video below to get into Swiss culture.

Prices are quite affordable. It’s 60 Swiss francs a day ($57), and with tourists in mind, there are packages where you can get a car for a day, dinner for two and a night in a 4-stars hotel, breakfast included for 248 francs ($234). It would be more expensive in the French Riviera. You can book car and hotel online, but the Alpmobil website is only in German.