The electric Audi e-tron at Silvretta

There’s been an electric car rally in Austria last week. A Tesla roadster was there, and so was the best of Germany. The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell, and the latest model of the Audi e-tron, based on the R8.

This Audi e-tron won the rally, but athat doesn’t mean much since it was not a performance event, but one based on regularity. And when it comes to respect a very precise schedule, the germans are good… More meaningful is that there is a dedicated team of very talented engineers working full-time on electric transportation at Audi (at Mercedes also).

We shall not expect a production model before 2012, but if that future electric Audi is as good as this video suggests, it’ll be well worth the wait. There will be several small electric cars on the market by 2012, the Mitsubishi I-MiEV or the Nissan Leaf, to name two, but it sounds more logical for a new technology (well, I know electric car technology is nothing new, but I mean new in terms of consumer availability) to come first on very high end products. The Audi R8 perfectly fits that description. Gasoline or electric, it’s a supercar dreams are made of.

Can’t wait for the electric R8, it will make my dreams green!