Electric cars don’t pay


Crime doesn’t pay as we all know. So we’re all looking at something else to make a living, but if you think about starting an electric car company, forget it. Elon Musk did just that in 2003. He started Tesla Motors then. Now about to divorce (his fault: he went out with a younger lady), he was asked about his income by the court. And guess what, he doesn’t have any money! We knew that working as the CEO of Tesla Motors, he was not getting a fixed income (he only gets a minimal salary of $2.773 a month), but Musk says he can’t even support himself. That is quite surprising for a man who owns several cars, and millions of shares in different companies… But that’s what he says. The court will appreciate, with Musk stating that since October last year he has been living on loans from friends.

According to Venture Beat, Musk’s still spending $200,000 a month, which makes me think that he has better friends than I do. He also had a reasonable wife, she’s only asking for a tenth of his shares in Tesla Motors, and of course a monthly pension to raise the kids. So whatever the outcome of this divorce, nothing will change much at Tesla Motors. But questions about the viability of this company remain unanswered. Tesla Motors has been loosing money for more than 7 years, and nobody expects this trend to change this year, next year, or in 2012…