Ford will build hybrids in Valencia

Ford C-max in Valencia (Spain)

Ford C-MaxFord currently has 2 hybrids on the market in the US, the Fusion and the Escape, but none on the european market, and the manufacturer wants to change this. There was a doubt about which model would get hybridized, the doubt is now over. First european Ford to be hybrid will be the C-Max. Not sold in the US, the C-Max is the people mover version of the Focus, with more emphasis on interior volume.

The C-Max comes in 2-versions, five-seater or seven-seater, and the hybrid shall come in 2-versions too. One will be a regular hybrid, pretty much like a Prius, and another one that you could plug, same architecture (we guess) but with a bigger battery. Both cars will be built in Valencia, in Spain, with the full support of the spanish government.