Tesla’s not a fair player

Manufacturers buid cars, journalists drives them and report about them, writing whatever information they think is valuable to their readers. Nothing wrong about that, that’s how it works, and it has been going like this for more than 50 years. But new manufacturers, like Tesla, may not know or understand those rules.

That’s how I see it after I discovered Tesla’s response to an article from Car and Driver. They didn’t like what they read, so they wrote a counter article on their corporate website to prove him wrong. Is this the right way to do things? Have you ever heard of another car manufacturer acting like this? I suggest that if Tesla doesn’t like what journalists may write about its products, they should not ever lend their cars to any journalist. That way, they would be sure nobody would write bad things about them.

But I don’t know how they are going to be a mainstream manufacturer like this… Something has to change, and since I don’t see journalists changing, I guess it has to be Tesla Motors.