Driving the Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion

I’m getting one tomorrow, and I’ll keep it for the week. That is the greenest Golf. It has a 1.6 liter diesel, making 105 hp. Its CO2 emissions are 99 g/km, which makes it one the lowest greenhouse gas emitter on the market. The Toyota Prius beats it at 89 g/km, but the Honda Insight is less good at 101 g/km.

I’m expecting a lot, because I haven’t driven this new engine. It came out only last year, but pretty soon it will be one the most produced engine in the world. It’s gonna be everywhere! Nearly every Volkswagen will get it, from the Polo (small car) to the Passat (family car), or the Touran (small minivan). You’ll also find it in many Seat and Skoda, and maybe also some Suzuki, the new partner of Volkswagen which doesn’t make any diesel engine, and outsources them to Fiat.

That 1.6 liter diesel comes in several versions, 75, 90 and 105 hp. It is that last one that is the Golf Blue Motion, in a specially refined version to be even more frugal on fuel. I’ll see that. I’ll measure my fuel consumption very carefully…