Lumeneo, a new manufacturer of electric cars

And it’s french! This is so rare! A new car manufacturer in France, this doesn’t happen every year. France is the country that invented the automobile in 1863 (the Lenoir car), but these days, France’s industry is not up to its great past, and we shall consider the birth of a new car company as a major event.

We shall also know that you don’t start big, and Lumeneo is a very small company, and its car, the Lumeneo Smera, is a very small car. In fact, compared to a Harley Davidson, the Smera is smaller. It is a four wheel vehicle, but incredibly tight and small. So much that, if you’re a broad-shouldered guy, it would not fit you. But, if you’re young and slender, this is the perfect runabout for the city.

The Smera is sold as a 2 seater, but the person in the back has to be even smaller than the one in front of him. So it’s better to think of it as a one-person vehicle, with some space for stuff. I’ve seen several prototypes of the Smera since its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2008, but the big day will be next week, when we’ll discover the final production version.

Il will be in Geneva again, and I’ll be there, taking pictures which I will post here. Stay tuned…