Electric bimmers will be German

That doesn’t sound like big news, but with so many factories closing, and/or moving to China, or some other low-cost country, all german people will pause and rejoice to learn that BMW future electric models will be manufactured in Germany. This has been announced officially yesterday, and it’s the Leipzig’s factory that will get the privilege to build those new zero emission cars.

The Leipzig factory is only a few years old, and if you happen to be around, and willing to have a closer look, you can do so. BMW organizes plant tours, anyone can get in. This is where the BMW 1 series coupes and convertibles are built, with the new small crossover, the X1. The plant is well suited to low volume production, but with the ability to cope with quick increases in volume, in case the market asks for it.

That is where the big question is. Many people talk and write (like me) about electric cars, but we still don’t know yet, how they will do in the marketplace. But that’s another subject… Today’s is that if the future small electric car (we hardly know anything about it, as it won’t be sold before 2013/2014) from BMW is a success, the germans will get all the benefits. BMW explains its choice with the global excellence of its productions bases in Germany, from its educated people to its state-of-art factories.

I just wish those same arguments could prevent french companies from closing their factories, firing up their workers, and giving all the work to asian suppliers.