Volkswagen e-up! rules at Silvretta electric car rally

The Silvretta Electric Car Rally lasted three days, with each day more difficult than the previous. The cars had to drive 109, then 118, and finally 134 kilometers (68, 73 and 83 miles). Short distances, but the hard part was to use as little energy as possible. That’s where the Volkswagen e-up! was the best by far, thanks to its low weight and sheer agility.

The little Volkswagen won with a sensationally low energy consumption of 9.17 kWh/100 km. That’s 148 Wh per mile. For a regular production car meeting all safety regulations with AC inside, that’s really incredible. The Volkswagen e-up! has a 60-kW motor with a 18.7-kWh battery. It costs €26,900 in Germany, all taxes included ($36,615).