A thousand miles at 80.5 mpg in a standard Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion

Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion

Volkswagen gives the name of BlueMotion to its most fuel-efficient models, and the new generation of the Golf BlueMotion has been launched recently. To prove how good it’s worth, an example was driven from Nantes, in western France, all the way up to Copenhagen, in Denmark. The Golf BlueMotion did the journey without refilling. With a single tank of fuel. The trip was 995 miles long (1,602 km), and driving time was 20 hours and 45 minutes.

That makes a very slow average speed, just below 50 mph, but total fuel consumption was 46.92 liters of diesel fuel, or 12.3 gallons, for a 80.5 mpg fuel consumption. The car was totally stock, a base 2-door Golf with the 110-hp TDI engine. Many people see the future’s belonging to electric cars, but to anyone who drives a lot, the diesel engine will keep on ruling for many more years.