1153 miles on one tank in a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport diesel SUV

Mitsubishi ASX Outlander Sport diesel SUV

Mitsubishi ASX Outlander Sport diesel SUVWe’ve all heard about hypermilers, those green driving champions. They set fuel economy records. Felix Egolf, a Swiss commercial airline pilot, is one of them. He doesn’t drive a Prius or another model known for its great fuel efficiency though. His car is a Mitsubishi ASX. That’s the name of it in Europe, but it sells as the Outlander Sport in America. It’s a compact SUV, quite far from the cars hypermilers are known to drive. That particular model is FWD, and it has the base diesel engine. A 113-hp 1.8-liter.

As an Airbus A330/340 pilot, M.Egolf assuredly knows a lot about smooth handling of a vehicle’s commands, and it shows at the pump. He drove an incredible 1153 miles (1857 km) on one tank of diesel fuel. That meant 64 mpg, and the average speed was 46 mph. Electric cars are said to be the future, but for those who drive long distances, a diesel is hard to beat.