Racing at Le Mans in a hybrid, Audi will be there


Audi-hybrid-Le-MansThe rumor proved true. Audi will have 2 hybrids racing at Le Mans in June. They will battle with the 2 Toyota hybrids, and that will make 4 hybrids racing. It’s more than we had dreamt! Even more exciting, the 2 Audis will be diesels, whereas the Toyotas TS030 will have gasoline engines. Which one will be the fastest? Which one will be the most efficient? There are so many questions, and a nice opportunity for answers since Audi will also bring 2 non-hybrid cars. The average lap takes about 3 minutes and a half in Le Mans, the hybrid may knock off 2 seconds out of that. Or more? You have to keep in mind those hybrids may not be the best that hybrid tech can bring, they must follow strict regulations.

Besides, everybody wonders how good is the German hybrid system. Audi hasn’t revealed any specification yet. We’ll have to wait till the end of this month. Perhaps the Audi hybrid will not be able to drive with its diesel shut off at low speed like the Toyota (check the video). That feature is useless in racing after all. The Audi hybrid will begin its racing career at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (in Belgium), on the 5th of May. We can’t wait to discover its potential.