Now fixed, the Opel Ampera plug-in hybrid has found its first customer in Berlin


Made for Europe, the Opel Ampera is a sister model to the Chevrolet Volt. Its plug-in hybrid drive train is the same as the Volt, which meant that the Ampera had the problems the Volt had. Its deliveries were stopped. Now that GM has found a solution, and that NHTSA had closed its investigation, everything is back on the right track.

Cars that were waiting for delivery are being fixed (actually, only small changes were needed, the Volt is a very safe car), and the first 2 updated Opel Ampera have been delivered. Their client is famous, this is Berlin’s police. The forces bought 2 cars. If they’re driven like the other cars of the service, they’ll see a lot of miles. The hope is that they’ll be cheaper to run, as the Opel Ampera is substantially more expensive than the average German police car. Maybe we’ll see many more of them if those 2 prove successful…